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Blissifying the planet

Our mission is to Blissify The Planet – by sharing tools that empower people to enjoy life more.

Hi, I’m Chris Bergstrom the co-creator of the Blissify Me iPhone App and the Blissify Me method mp3 guided audio meditations. I’m glad you found our guided meditations and congrats on making the decision to blissify your life!

The Blissify Me Method

I’ve been practicing and teaching meditation for over 10 years and learned techniques from many traditions including Buddhist, Taoist and Yogic. I’ve also taught alternative healing modalities such as Reiki and Kundalini awakening techniques. I’ve researched the science of meditation, yoga and happiness. After testing and teaching dozens of meditation techniques I’ve chosen the most efficient, easy-to-learn, and FUN techniques to share with you. We call it the Blissify Me method because the meditations are designed to help you relax and build positivity and happiness. The most empowering aspect of Blissify Me is that you’ll learn to manage your emotional state. Which in turn liberates you to perform at your best. When in a bad mood we interact poorly and make poor decisions. When you manage your emotional state and get yourself in to a positive mood you’ll experience improved decision making, people like you better, and friendship, love, and alliances are more likely to thrive.

I’ve seen many turn their lives for the better with the help of meditation, and millions of people do it every day. Anyone can do it. My sincere wish is that you’ll find ways to boost your happiness and quality of life. Meditation and Blissify Me in particular is a great way to start “blissifying” yourself. Try it out and see if it’s your thing too.

Why Blissify Me?

After teaching for years and noticing how most people hadn’t realised that meditation can actually be easy to do, FUN and positivity building we decided together with my wife to make a difference and show as many people as possible that meditation can be so much fun that you actually want to practice daily. We decided to help people get started on their own and to actually keep on exercising. You need to sustain the practice to keep getting the benefits, right? And to create any sustained practice you need to enjoy it.

In order to help with these hurdles we decided to set a goal to design simple, fun, and engaging meditation experiences that people can easily start doing. Blissify Me helps you relax, build positivity, and cultivate positive emotions in just 14-22 minutes a day. When you minimize your stress levels by relaxing body & mind, and amp up your good mood, you’re ready to conquer the world – or just gently sit back and smell the roses.

Blissify Me is a mix of modern science (based on the relaxation response protocol) and ancient techniques used in most meditation traditions. Similar techniques can be found in most Taoist, Yogic and Buddhist traditions. The difference is that we’ve streamlined the techniques so that you’ll actually enjoy learning them and get to a fast start whether you desire mindfulness, relaxation, positivity or more positive emotions. Blissify Me is made with the busy professional in mind.

The concept is super simple; you relax and cultivate positive emotions. When in a good mood you interact at your best with the world.

To accomplish all this we started a company called Eternitas Publishing Ltd in 2012  to innovate educational mental fitness and wellness content for mobile and tablet platforms. Blissify Me is our first product and more will come – soon!

So, become a friend and share the bliss – don’t be shy 🙂

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