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Blissify Me Is The #1 Top Grossing iPhone Health & Fitness App In Finland

Blissify Me Is The #1 Top Grossing iPhone Health & Fitness App In Finland

I’m still a bit stunned. We were browsing the App Store with my wife when we noticed that our little app had climbed the charts to two top chart positions.

#3 in Paid and #1 in Top Grossing – both rankings in the iPhone Health & Fitness App category in Finland.

This is great news. Darryl, my friend, put it like this on facebook; “So, I can expect to see a lot more chilled Finns wandering around soon”. This is funny as winter most definitively is on its way and the temperature is dropping fast.

In any case, we’re excited and happy to see such interest in meditation. This is exactly what we set out to accomplish. To make meditation fun, engaging and convenient. Thank you Finland ❤

Now, back to my morning meditation – the “Give Me Bliss” meditation is on the menu today!


  1. Many thanks for this useful article, I m a big fan of these electronics and their associated accessorize.

  2. Awesome to find this, but I would like to ask about ur running speed. The page is load too slowly. Are you making some kind of upgrade or? Thank you

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments! I’m going to check the page load issues asap. Really super nice of you to report this! Thank you!

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