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Manage Your Emotional State For Peak Performance – Raindrops On Roses, Whiskers On Kittens

Manage Your Emotional State For Peak Performance – Raindrops On Roses, Whiskers On Kittens

The Swiss Alps. I’m standing on a grassy mountain top, close to 10.000 feet above the sea level. I’m looking into a lush green valley beneath me. I see chalets and farms small as ant poop. The wind blows in gusts. There’s a sense of urgency in the air as I’m doing this for the very first time. I pull my helmet on and check that my harness is tight. My instructor shouts that we’re good to go. Go where, the strip of grass ends in just 20 feet? Nevertheless, I start to run downwards wishing that the wind will carry the paraglider before the steep drop. I know that I will fall badly unless the wind takes. I run as fast as I can and the wind suddenly lifts the paraglider.

State Management

What a sensation – it’s as if my heart widens or opens as my feet are swept away from the ground. The paraglider soars and I suddenly feel gratitude and… love, of all feelings. A feeling of unconditional love towards the wind, the valley beneath me, even towards the alpine cows mooing and watching me fly. Love towards the whole of creation – the universe. I’m free, I’m loving and I’m loved.

Recall Positive Emotions

We’ve all had those special moments of strong positive emotion in our lives, right? What’s really cool, is that we can recall these sensations and cultivate the pure emotion. Experiencing positive emotions is obviously good for you but consider how much better you’ll do when you learn to change your emotional state and get rid of those counterproductive negative states we often get tangled in.
So, even though this heart opening moment in the Swiss Alps happened way back in 2008, I go there almost daily to get a boost of that remarkable “universe hugging” sensation. Another one of my favourite memories is a warm moment in my wife’s arms on the sofa – her holding me and playing with my hair. Yet another favourite memory; a time when I couldn’t stop laughing and almost peed in my pants. I said almost 😉 In the end I didn’t, although it was so much fun that I hardly could stop laughing. You get the picture. But, what has this to do with meditation you ask? The amazing thing is that with a little meditation practice and some mental discipline you can learn to change your emotional state at will to perform at your best.

Change Your State – Change The Outcome

The first step is to be able to recall a memory trigger like one of my examples above. Meditative and spiritual traditions have known this secret since ancient times. We as human beings go through a mix of emotional states during a normal day; anger, insecurity, jealousy, shame, joy, loving kindness and so on. Key is to identify the negative ones and simply change your state. This is important since you perform best, you interact at your best with the world when you’re in a positive state. According to meditation lore, ancient royalty in China and India were taught state management exercises to become better rulers. When you manage your emotional state and get yourself in to a positive mood you’ll experience improved decision making, people like you better, and friendship, love and alliances are more likely to thrive. When in a good mood we restrict ourselves less, we’re more open to connect with others, and we have the right mind-set to engage in new ventures.

Psychologists say that you feel what you think and that you can’t experience polar emotions at the same time – a positive emotion will erase the negative one. Now, you’ll get to try it out for yourself.

Here’s a mini exercise you can try out in less than a minute

If you want the full experience you can try our Blissify Me App or mp3 meditations for a guided experience into confidence, joy, loving kindness, gratitude and bliss.

Here we go:

1. Take four deep breaths
2. Change your physical posture; stand up, jump on your feet gently for 20 seconds and shake your body to “shake off all your worries”, stop jumping and straighten your back and roll your shoulders back
3. Put on a smile even if it’s a fake – your body will register it nevertheless, hold on to it for the reminder of this exercise
4. Close your eyes and recall a positive state through a positive memory, try to see the joyful memory with your minds eye, then let go of the memory and focus on the pure emotion, try to “taste” the emotion
5. That’s it 🙂 Breathe gently and get a glass of water

It gets much easier with practice and it helps if you get into a meditative state before you attempt to change your mood. Also, with meditation practice your mind gets “defragmented” and it’s much easier to realize when you’ve gotten into a negative state in the first place. So, remember; train yourself to identify negative states and change them to positive states to perform at your best even when life gives you lemons. Things don’t always go to plan, key is to adjust your state and make the best of it anyway.

Start Training Today

You can train state management with our Blissify Me app or mp3 product. The third Blissify Me meditation has guided exercises for engaging powerful positive states such as confidence, joy, loving kindness, gratitude, and bliss. You can do the exercises any time and pretty much anywhere to relax, be positive and feel better – to interact at your best with the rest of the world. Start blissifying your life today!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad
– Maria, The Sound Of Music


Ps. Here’s the Glee version of the classic:

and the original:

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