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The Fun Meditation App Is Here

The “Blissify Me” meditation app consists of three progressively more advanced guided meditations that take you from relaxation to a soothing inner smile and powerful positive emotions. A mix of modern science and ancient wisdom – namaste!

The Blissify meditations are designed to engage positive states of mind:

  • Relax your body for less stress
  • Still your mind for improved clarity & focus
  • Cultivate positive emotions

Play & Learn

We know that learning to meditate can be a big yawn. Staring at a wall is not for everyone, even if it can be rewarding. So, instead, we decided to create a fun experience for you!

This is how it works. Simply follow through the first guided meditation and rate your experience for virtual rewards! Get 10 jewels and you unlock the next meditation!

  • Learn how to relax, be positive and feel good
  • Do guided meditations to engage positive states of mind
  • Earn virtual jewels, lucky charms, and guru certificates

blissify me meditation app

easy to use meditation app

Three Levels Of Play – Unlock The Treasures!


fun meditation app

Relax Your Body & Mind

Learn how to trigger the relaxation response, and reduce stress. Discover a state of relaxed calm for better health.

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Let Your Inner Smile Blossom

Learn how to nurture a deep soothing inner smile – an ancient technique thought to enhance health, happiness and longevity.

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Amplify Positive Emotions

Learn how to access strong positive emotions such as confidence, joy, gratitude, and ecstasy at will.


$1.99 Limited Time Offer!

What? That’s right! For less than the price of a yoga lesson you get three powerful exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere. Get the fun meditation app before the price goes back up! Start Blissifying yourself today.

The Blissify Me Method – 3 Exercises In Delight

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Relax My Body & Mind

The first guided meditation is perfect for relaxing during or after a busy day at work. Dialing down stress and stilling your your mind makes you more aware of the present and more open to life’s joys.

Relax and still your mind:

      • increase cognitive abilities
      • increase concentration and attention
      • maker better decisions
      • perform at you peak

Elicit the relaxation response for health benefits:[4]

        • decreased metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing
        • “calming” in brain activity
        • an increase in attention and decision-making functions of the brain
        • changes in gene activity that are the opposite of those associated with stress

“Each day I start with Blissify the sun shines a little brighter.” – Maria

fun meditation app

Awaken My Inner Smile

Feel more joy and harmony! The second guided meditation is a fun way to start any day full of positive energy. Give your happiness muscles a workout and gift yourself a gratifying genuine inner smile – “a whole body smile”.

The remarkable inner smile technique was taught by the Taoists in ancient China and was thought to ensure health, happiness and longevity. Blissify’s streamlined version of the ancient inner smile meditation is easy to learn.

Better than chocolate? Studies show that smiling stimulates the brain’s reward mechanisms in a powerful way. In one study researchers tried to quantify smiling and found out that depending on whose smile you see, that one smile can be as pleasurable and stimulating as up to 2000 chocolate bars and that it took up to $25,000 to generate the same level of brain stimulation as a one smile.[5]

In related research, scientists from Carnegie Mellon conclude that the health benefits to smiling may be many: reducing stress-inducing hormones, increasing mood-enhancing hormones (such as endorphins and oxytocin), and lowering blood pressure.[6]

Studies even suggest that people who smile more genuine smiles may live longer.[7], and that people who smile are perceived as more beautiful and more trustworthy.[7]

Yup, you got it, it’s pretty safe to say that we should beam more. Get that grin on!

Awaken your inner smile, beam more and feel better!

“Oh my goodness, “give me bliss” rocks!” – Mat

fun meditation app

Give Me Bliss!

The third, and most advanced, Blissify Me meditation shows you how to access and cultivate powerful positive emotions at will. Remember – We perform at our best when in a positive state! And who doesn’t want to feel great!

Start cultivating positive emotions today:

  • Confidence
  • Joy
  • Loving kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Bliss

Studies show that positive emotions are good for you – no surprise there. Gratitude for example has been identified as a key component in happiness. Cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” has been linked to better health, sounder sleep, less anxiety and depression, higher long-term satisfaction with life and kinder behavior toward others.[8]

So, start your day with a boost of positive emotions or recall your happy place when life gives you lemons. Stay positive. Build better relationships. Enjoy life more.

Change your mood – change the outcome!


6 Ways How Blissify Is Different


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1. Designed To Help You Cultivate Positive States

The Blissify meditations are designed to cultivate positive emotions and harmony. You’ll start with the most basic techniques to relax your body and mind. Then you’ll move on to cultivate an inner smile and finally manage your emotional state for confidence, joy, loving kindness, gratitude and ecstasy.

2. Have Fun While Learning

Blissify is built as a game where your pace of progress depends on how you rate your meditation experience. You earn jewels, lucky charms and certificates for meditating and rating your latest experience. When you’ve earned enough jewels you’ll unlock the next level. This assures that you don’t hop in at the deep end of the pool too early. Nifty! If the meditations come easy to you – you get to advance faster.

3. Chillout To Binaural Beats

The sound design applies binaural beats and the ambient soundtrack has been designed to help elicit deep states of relaxation. Use headphones to fully utilize the binaural beats!

4. Fun For Both Beginners & Seasoned Gurus

The whole experience is designed so that you’ll get to start with the basics and when you progress you unlock incrementally more advanced meditations. You’ll start with basics such as proper breathing technique and stilling your mind. This approach will allow you to train without frustration. Then again if you’ve meditated before and know your way around say, mindfulness meditation, you’ll be able to quickly enjoy the benefits of the more advanced meditations.

5. Great For Busy People Too

The Blissify meditations take less than 22 minutes to do, the first just 14 minutes! Great places to relieve stress include; on the plane, in the hotel room, and before an important meeting or public speaking. You know how stressful it can get. Blissify helps you to relieve stress and to get yourself in the best mood to connect with people. Did you know that sustained meditation practice can give you more capacity and better problem solving skills? The best time to meditate is in fact when you feel busy.

6. 10% of Each Sold App Goes To Charity

We’ve made a commitment to invest in charity for a selfish reason. It makes us feel good. Our 2012 donations go to Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.

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$1.99 Limited Time Offer!

What? That’s right! For less than the price of a yoga lesson you get three powerful exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere. Get the fun meditation app before the price goes back up!


What if you could be happier?

What if you actually could influence your happiness levels?

Yes – Happiness Can Be Cultivated

Is happiness a random thing or can it be cultivated with intentional activity? The latter is advocated by both spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and modern positive psychology.

Psychologists say that our happiness is determined as follows: 10% by circumstances, 50% by genes, and 40% by intentional activity.[1] Great news as 40 percent is quite a lot. This virtually means that you can take charge and make yourself happy – every day.

The relaxed, calm, and aware state created with sustained meditation practice can work as a fast track to a place where happiness is much easier to cultivate and experience. Studies show that meditation itself has positive effects on a person’s happiness and positive emotions, on physiology, stress, cognitive abilities and physical health, as well as on other attributes, such as self-actualization and moral maturity.[2] Research further suggests that regular meditation sessions produce greater happiness and less anxiety & and depression.[3]

Blissify Me is not just about relaxation like many guided meditations tend to be…

What if you could cultivate positive emotions and change the game?

Change Your Mood – Change The Outcome!

Meditative and spiritual traditions have known this secret since ancient times. We as human beings go through a mix of emotional states during a normal day; anger, insecurity, jealousy, shame, joy, loving kindness and so on. When in a bad mood we interact poorly and make poor decisions. But, we have a choice to manage our emotional state. The real kicker is that the Blissify Me exercises are designed to do just that – to change your mood.

When you manage your emotional state and get yourself in to a positive mood you’ll experience improved decision making, people like you better, and friendship, love, and alliances are more likely to thrive. When in a good mood we restrict ourselves less, we’re more open to connect with others, and we have the right mind-set to engage in new ventures. We perform at our best when in a positive state!

De-stress and change your mood when it matters:

  • when life seems overwhelming
  • before important decisions
  • after work
  • on the plane
  • in the hotel room
  • before an important presentation
  • first thing in the morning


Excellent daily meditation app

Really love this app. Simple, uncluttered interface, with some very easy to follow meditations which left me feeling fresh, relaxed and invigorated. Brilliant value – highly recommended!

– UK App Store


Talk about fun!

Now this is a fun way to meditate. Great sounds, nice design, and most of all – I want to do it again!

– App Store Germany

Start Cultivating Bliss Today

For less than a yoga lesson you get three powerful exercises you can do anywhere!


Give yourself a gift:

  • more tranquility, clarity, and better focus
  • more harmony, joy, and less stress
  • frequent positive emotional states of mind




Blissify Me – The Feel Good Meditations – Learn how to relax, be positive and feel good. Do guided meditations to engage positive states of mind.

1. Lyubomirsky, Sheldon & Schkade. (2005). 2. Shapiro et al. (2002).3. Lyubomirsky et al. (2002), Journal of clinical psychology, Smith et al. (1995).

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