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Why We Designed Blissify Me For You

Why We Designed Blissify Me For You

Hi, I’m glad you found us! 🙂 I’m Chris. Together with my wife we decided to put our accumulated knowledge of meditation in to an app that helps you relax and feel better. We’ve practiced meditation for over ten years and taught both basics and advanced techniques for years. We’ve seen the benefits of meditation, what it can do for your health, performance and happiness levels.



We’ve noticed during the years that people often have a rather limited picture of what meditation is. Some people already know that it can be good for your focus, performance, and health. But most don’t know that it can also be fun. Still, the hardest thing seems to be to get started, actually take a course or read a book and start practicing.

Fun And Engaging Meditation Experiences

So, we decided to help people get started on their own and to actually keep on exercising. You need to sustain the practice to get the benefits, right? And to create any sustained practice you need to enjoy it on some level. In order to help with these hurdles we decided to set a goal to design simple, fun and engaging meditation experiences that people can easily start doing. Our first iPhone app is called Blissify Me, and by now, we’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from people trying it out. In a nutshell, Blissify Me is a game of three guided meditations. It’s a game because that helps you to learn the basics before you get access to the more advanced meditations. Also when you measure a practice, even if it’s just points or the times you’ve done it, you tend to improve.

A Game Of Three Guided Meditations

In short, you get virtual jewels for meditating and unlock new meditations and rewards for each time you meditate. Collect 10 jewels and you unlock the next level. You get bonus jewels for self-rating your meditation experience. If it’s all hunky-dory and you rate your experience positively you get more jewels and unlock the next meditation faster. It’s much simpler and easier than what it sounds. Try it out and see for yourself! Blissify Me is available world wide on iOS and was designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. It works on an iPad but a version designed specifically for iPad resolutions is still in the works.

Chillout, Be Positive And Feel Good

So, I wrote earlier that meditation can be fun. In fact, I know that it can be pretty awesome. Blissify Me consists of three guided meditations. The first presents you with the basic tools to relax your body and mind – this helps to reduce stress and to get to a better mood in general. It’s so much easier to smell the roses when you’re relaxed. My wife used to say, this was before I started with meditation, that I’m a completely different person on vacation due to the stress free environment. Was I fun only during those few weeks 😉

Get That Grin On

The second exercise presents a simplified version of an ancient Chinese meditation technique called the “Inner Smile”. The remarkable inner smile technique is said to have been taught by the Taoists in ancient China and was thought to insure health, happiness and longevity. This where the fun starts amplifying. The inner smile helps you to train your happiness muscles, i.e. to relax, smile and turn a soothing smile inwards. That’s right, you sit for something like 16 minutes, smiling like Mona Lisa or grinning like the Cheshire Cat, and you know what, that’s the perfect way to start any day. When you ace that meditation you unlock the last meditation aptly named “Give Me Bliss”. That sounds good doesn’t it? It takes your meditation experience to the next level by helping you to recall strong positive emotions.

Five Positive States Of Mind

You get to learn how to manage your emotions. Essentially you train five positive states of mind; confidence, joy, loving kindness, gratitude and finally bliss. In my experience, the more your train the easier it will be to find those emotional states. When you do this kind of training for a longer time it might surprise you to find that recalling those positive states can be done pretty much anywhere. For example, before an important meeting, a sports performance, or when you get home late at night and need a boost of positivity. I love to do these meditations in the morning, like just now before I started typing this post. By the way, it’s also often much easier to meditate in the morning when the mind is still to start with. Especially when you’re starting your practice.

So, what Blissify Me tries to do is; help you relax, smile, and cultivate positive emotions and states of mind. Why? When you’re in a good mood you interact at your best with the world. Studies even suggest that happiness engenders success in most areas of life. When you take care of your stress levels by relaxing and amp up your good mood, you’re ready to conquer the world – or gently sit back and smell the roses.

Finally, I’d like to conclude that we sincerely hope that you’ll find ways to boost your happiness and quality of life. Meditation is a great way to start “blissifying” yourself. So, try it out and see if it’s your thing. Let us know if you enjoy it. We’re creating these apps for you and love to hear from you!





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  1. Please make an app for android? This sounds awesome!

  2. Hi, Roisin. Thank you! We are actually planning an android release. If you want, you can join our mailing list and get notified about future releases here:


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